Jump In Jax - Where The Fun Happens!
We want to do all we can to assure your child has a fun, and safe, time at Jump in Jax.  To help ensure that, we have the following rules that everyone must follow when using our facility:
  1. Please sign a waiver before jumping.
  2. Socks required, no shoes or bare feet.
  3. No running.
  4. Empty pockets, remove jewelry, belts with buckles or sharp objects.
  5. One child at a time down the slides. Parents please do not go down with child.
  6. No bouncing at the top of the slides; sit and slide down the inflatable.
  7. Feet first when going down slides, lift arms to prevent elbow burn.
  8. Do not stand at the bottom of the slide or climb backwards up the slide, use the steps.
  9. Big people respect little jumpers, do not bounce at the same time.  Only equal size people bounce at the same time.
  10. Children under 2 may bounce if their parent feels it's within their skill level.
  11. Physical contact, ball beaming, flips or stunts can result in expulsion from premises.
  12. Stay on inflatables’ intended course of play and do not go behind the inflatables.
  13. Enter and exit equipment properly, no climbing over side walls.
  14. No food, drinks, candy or gum in the bounce area.
Additional rules will be explained by the staff when you arrive
Q: Do you offer group rates?
A: YES - We offer special group rates to day camps, preschools, parents groups. Please call or email us for details.
Q: Do you offer general admission play?
A: Yes, general admission is for ages 2-12. Admission is $9.00. 
Parents and children under 2 year of age are free with a paid admission.
Q: What kind of parties do your offer?
A:  To learn more about party packages , please check out the Parties link for more details.  A non-refundable deposit is required for all parties.
Q: Do you have goody bags?
A: Yes, we have goody bags priced at only $2.00 each.
Q: Do you allow outside food?
A: Sorry, but no outside food or drinks are allowed, with the exception of Cake or cupcakes, only when a party package is purchased.
Q: Do I need to book my party or can I just organize a get together?
A: Our policy does not allow birthday cake, cupcakes, party food or party items to celebrate birthday parties without a reserved party room.
Q: Are parents allowed to jump?
A: Parents are only allowed to assist a small child and only light play is allowed with the main focus on monitoring the safety of your children. There is no admission cost for parents.
Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Yes, we have discounts for groups of 10 or more. Please contact the store and ask to speak to a manager or email us for a group rate. We also have Bounce Passes, which allow admissions at a discounted rate!
Q: How do you clean the inflatable play areas?
A: We fully disinfect our play areas with a commercial grade antimicrobial spray system!
Q: Are socks required?
A: Yes, in the event you forget socks, we do have them available for $3.00.
Q: Do I need to sign a waiver to jump?
A: YES - No waiver, No jumping, No exceptions.
Q: Can I drop off my child and leave?
A: NO- Parents and/or chaperons are responsible for supervising their children at all times. Jump In Jax staff may be present in the inflatable only to enforce our rules, but we are not responsible for supervising your children, with the exception of our "Parents Night Out and Mothers Morning Out" programs. Call or email for dates and more information
Q: Does your admission offer reentry?
A: Yes - Same day reentry is allowed with a wrist band (Space Permitting)
Q: Do you offer private events/ parties?
A: Yes, for more information please call or click here
If you have any additional questions, please give us a call or send us an email.
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